Ferrari 812 GTS

Negotiable Price

2,280,000 AED
491 KM
Exterior Color
Rosso Red
Interior Color
Brown and Black
Horse Power
Engine Size
6.5L V12

Ferrari 812 GTS 2022 - Supercar for Sale Dubai UAE

The Ferrari 812 GTS is a true luxury sports car. With a front-mounted V12 engine producing over 800 horsepower, it combines exceptional performance with a lavish interior. The cabin is crafted with premium materials, featuring sumptuous leather, modern technology, and a focus on driver comfort. The 812 GTS offers an exhilarating open-top driving experience while maintaining the opulence expected from the Ferrari brand, making it a remarkable luxury car for those who seek both speed and style. This marks the first front-engine V12 series production convertible model offered by Ferrari in 50 years, a limited-edition model meanders for special customers only. Brand New Ferrari luxury cars epitomize the pinnacle of automotive opulence, boasting Italian craftsmanship, breathtaking design, and exhilarating performance.

The large rear buttresses present at the rear hold the folding hard top roof under a tonneau cover present between them when not in use.

The electronically operate hard top takes 14 seconds to operate and is operable at speeds up to 45 km/h (28 mph). GTS weighs 75 kg (165 lb.) more than the Superfast due to chassis reinforcing components but maintains equal performance and then Its mechanical components including the engine remain the same as the Superfast, except for the transmission which has shorter gear ratios to improve the car’s response to throttle inputs.

Ferrari SUV engine’s high-pressure injection system reduces the number of particles that emote the catalytic converter warms up. There is also a new gasoline particulate filter and a stop-start system to improve fuel economy. Other features shared with the Superfast include the Manettino dial, side-slip angle control, and variable steering weight. car is aerodynamically refined to interlaminate any turbulence arising from the loss of a fixed roof.


Performance, Engine, and Transmission for Ferrari 812 GTS

The Ferrari SUV 812 GTS is a new thing in more ways than one. Previously, the convertible versions of Ferrari’s V12 GT cars are limited-run specials.

Think the 550 Barchetta, with its floppy piece of canvas useful only for keeping your seats dry whilst parking up. Or the 575M Super America, a complex flipping Targa top with its – ahem – ‘curious’ rear proportions.

The shape of the torque curve reveals that torque distribution is sacrificed to boost power. A significant 80% of maximum torque is available at just 3500 rpm, improving both flexibility and pick-up at lower revs.


Features and Interior

Think the 550 Barchetta, with its floppy piece of canvas useful only for keeping your seats dry whilst parking up. Or the 575M Super America, a complex flipping Targa top with its – ahem – ‘curious’ rear proportions. More recently, we’ve had the 599 SA Aperta.

But the F12 Berlinetta which follows the 599 GTB was never given the drop-top treatment outside of Ferrari’s special projects division, making this Ferrari’s first V12 roadster in a decade. And the first since the Daytona Spyder of 1971 whose production was limited only by demand. It all folds up or down in 14 seconds and will operate on the move below 30mph.

The Ferrari 812 GTS is a luxurious convertible supercar that combines high-performance engineering with Italian craftsmanship and elegance. Here’s an overview of the Ferrari 812 GTS luxury car:

  1. Convertible Elegance: The 812 GTS is the convertible version of the Ferrari 812 Superfast, featuring a retractable hardtop that allows you to enjoy open-air driving without compromising the car’s striking design.
  2. Powerful Performance: Under the hood, you’ll find a monstrous 6.5-liter V12 engine that produces 789 horsepower. This power, combined with a lightning-fast 7-speed dual-clutch transmission, results in exhilarating acceleration and a top speed of over 200 mph.
  3. Exquisite Interior: Inside the 812 GTS, you’ll find a meticulously crafted cabin with premium materials, fine leather, and cutting-edge technology. The interior is designed to provide a comfortable and luxurious driving experience.
  4. Advanced Technology: The car is equipped with state-of-the-art technology, including a user-friendly infotainment system, advanced driver assistance features, and customizable driving modes that allow you to tailor the performance to your preferences.
  5. Iconic Design: The 812 GTS carries the distinctive Ferrari design language, with sleek lines and a bold, aggressive front fascia. The convertible roof seamlessly integrates into the car’s aesthetics, preserving its striking appearance whether the top is up or down.
  6. Limited Production: Ferrari often produces its models in limited quantities, adding an exclusive and prestigious element to ownership.
  7. Supercar Handling: The 812 GTS benefits from Ferrari’s advanced suspension and chassis technology, providing exceptional handling and a thrilling driving experience on both open roads and racetracks.

Neither is a class-leading figure think of the speeds you reach accelerating for 14 seconds – but when you see the mechanism in action, you’ll be astounded it operates on the move at all. It’s a lot more theatrical than rival systems and we wholeheartedly recommend doing it at a standstill so you can enjoy the show. Explore Dourado Luxury Car for latest luxury car models and Ferrari prices in Dubai UAE.

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